It all depends on individual preferences. In the Lash Me Up! Online store. you can choose the length, shape or type of Lash Me Up! All you have to do is choose the parameters that interest you and our store will show you the perfect eyelashes for you. If you are a fan of a natural effect, we recommend Classy Collection eyelashes, where you will find short and delicate eyelashes that will subtly emphasize your gaze.

If you want a natural look, but with a 3D effect, we recommend Got It From My Mama or Woke Up Like This lashes from Dolly Collection. If you care about a transparent strip, we recommend replacing the previously mentioned eyelashes - Shape Of You or Addicted To You, also with a 3D effect. If you love expressive eyes, the Dolly Collection will be perfect for you. A variety of models with a stunning fluffy 3D effect, guarantee the WOW effect! You can choose from a variety of shapes, lengths and densities that will never let you down or get bored. Each of our models will bring out and emphasize the best in your look! If you have a problem with choosing, contact us and we will do our best to choose the perfect eyelashes for you! ❤️

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